samedi 11 octobre 2008

Artillerie - Manoeuvre du Canon de 75 mm

Si je ne suis pas rentré venez me voir lundi au plus tard, je n’attendrai pas à mercredi pour repartir car ici il fait bien plus chaud qu’à la maison et je ne mange rien. Il me tarde bien de remanger des raisins. C’est pas la peine de penser inutilement à l’argent. Si ça va (puiser?) (???) à un travail (???) il est impossible qu’il puisse (s’occuper?) comme il faut. (???) Plus tôt je rentrerai mieux ça ira pour moi. Puis maintenant c’est un mauvais moment pour vivre ici. Il n’y a pas moyen de trouver un peu de fraîcheur.
Venez donc (???)

If I'm not back, come see me on Monday at the latest, I won't wait until Wednesday to leave because here it's much warmer than it is at home and I don't eat anything. I can't wait to eat grapes again. It's useless to worry about money. If this will (???) to a job (???) it's impossible that he can (get himself busy ???) properly. (???) The earlier I'll return, the better for me. and now is a bad time to live here. It's way too warm.
Come (???)

2 commentaires:

Michelle a dit…

These have become my little translation tasks. I managed to get quite a bit of this one before resorting to the English version.

David a dit…

I'm glad you're doing this...
On the other hand, be careful, the French in the postcards is not standard French today.
Some expressions are not used today, and also, the people writing those cards were not exactly educated (mostly farmers and workers) and the texts are full of grammatical and spelling mistakes (some more than others... sometimes I correct them, sometimes not)